Jan 30, 2012

Lawyer Defends Woman Who Faked Quads

Brazil News

| SAO PAULO – Maria Veronica Aparecida Cesar Santos, 25, who faked a pregnancy with quadruplets, lived in a “fantasy world” according to her lawyer, Enilson Castro. The lawyer also released a photo showing the young woman absent the costume which previously made her appear to be very pregnant.

Maria Vernonica Aparecida Cesar Santos, 25, who faked a pregnancy with quadruplets, without her costume

Maria Not Pregnant (Photo: Rogério Marques/O Vale/AE/G1 SP)

Speaking to the press on Monday in Sao Paulo, the defender pointed out that problems she has suffered in recent years has left her with a “troubled mind.” Distance from her family after marriage and her husband's vasectomy after the birth of their son – when she still wanted a daughter – left her in a fragile state.

The lawyer told reporters that if she is indicted for the hoax, he will challenge the legality of evidence which, he says, was collected by reporters in violation on her privacy. Leaked to the press was an ultrasound which she underwent last August which did not confirm pregnancy. Also, a television network released images of the condominium where she lived with her husband. Last week another TV station showed video showing Maria in October 2011, without the fake belly.

The defense said that the couple will or have already returned all of the donations they received, including R$7,000 reals (about $4,000 USD) worth of merchandise donated by a shopping mall and a small amount of cash raised by colleagues of the husband. “Once the damage is repaired, there is no damage,” said the lawyer.

When the purported quadruplet pregnancy was first reported in the press in early January, the story went viral – first in Brazil and, days later, around the world. An obstetrician said at the time that the odds of a quadruplet pregnancy, in the absence of fertility treatment, was 658,500 to 1.

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